5 Rules of Logo Design

1. Is your logo reflecting your company in a unique and memorable way? 

Creating a logo that stands out from the crowd is challenging but not impossible. Do not try to look like your competition and search for elements that the competition is not using.

2. Is your logo simple or has too much detail? 

Simple logos are recognized faster than complex ones. Your logo doesn’t have to be super simple, but it has to convert from large format to small.

3. Is your logo working well in one-color printing? 

The color is not salvation. A logo that doesn’t look good in on-color, won’t work in full color.

4. Is your logo versatile and scalable

Your logo should look great at all sizes and it also should be functional enough to work in both horizontal and vertical formats. 


5. Does your logo have a good balance

  1. Symmetrical or asymmetrical, your logo should find a balance. Each element, color, and texture has its weight. Whatever is your design, balance these weighted elements until you reach an effective equilibrium.